Why isn't CiteStack loading case information?
In May 2012, Google updated Google Scholar. While the majority of users have been upgraded to the new version, some users may still be on the old version. CiteStack no longer works with the old version. Upgrade to the new version of Google Scholar to resolve this issue. Learn more about Google's new modern look and how to upgrade.

What software do I need to run CiteStack?
To use CiteStack you must use the Google Chrome internet browser.

Do you track my searches? Does any information about my research leave my computer and goes to www.CiteStack.com?
We do not track your searches in any way. CiteStack.com will not receive any information related to your research in Google Scholar.

How do I install CiteStack?
It's easy, and only takes about 20 seconds. Simply visit our installation page and click the "Install" button.

Sometimes CiteStack does not start - what's wrong?
CiteStack may not run if you have more than one instance of Chrome running. Close one of the instances of Chrome and click the orange "Id." logo to start CiteStack.

What is the Bluebook beta?
For every case and case selection, CiteStack will provide all of the information needed to create a proper citation, including the page range. For many common reporters, however, CiteStack generate pincites for case selections using the Bluebook format. CiteStack generates correct citations for cases from these courts:

  • U.S. Supreme Court
  • All Federal Circuit Courts of Appeal
  • The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
  • N.Y. Court of Appeals
  • Many more.

Adding Bluebook formats is a work in progress. If you want CiteStack to generate the Bluebook citation for a particular court, please tell us. We update CiteStack's Bluebooking ability based on user feedback. Your Chrome browser will enable you to receive any updates promptly after their release.